Processing Guide for Licensing of Ticketing Office


[   ] 1. Application Form duly accomplished and notarized.

 [   ] 2. For corporation or partnership, photocopy of the Artices  of Incorporation/Partnership and its By-Laws: DTI Business Name Certificate for single proprietorship (not applicable for lic. Renewal unless there are amendments ).

[   ] 3. Current NBI Clearance of General Manager.

[   ] 4. Affidavit of Service Coverage.

[   ] 5. List of all officials and employees with their respective positions, citizenship, and home address ( w/ house no.), include documents to prove that ;

  • They have completed a ticketing and reservations course

[   ] 6. Contract of Lease of office space or sworn statement by the lessor that the said agency is a lessee thereof.

[   ] 7. For alien officials and employees: employment contract, valid visa from the Bureau of Immigration ( ICR for native-born resident aliens and visa for pre-

arranged employees) and  permit from the Dept. of Labor and Employment

( Alien Employment Registration Certificates for residents and Alien Employ-

ment Permit for non-residents). Resident aliens submit documents only once.


[   ] 8. Sketch (Location)


[   ] 9. Photocopy of Official Receipt (Tourism Fee/Tourism Registration)


Note: * Assessment of payment shall be determined by the City Tourism Office upon


* All documents stated above shall be photocopied for submission to the City

Tourism Operations Office. ( include regulatory fee payment receipt )

* Bring original documents for reference and verification.


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