Processing Guide for Licensing of Tourist Inns/Apartelles/Lodging House/Self-Styled Renewal

Tourist InnsApartellesLodging HouseSelf-Styled Renewal

[ ] 1. Application Form duly accomplished and notarized.
[ ] 2. Department of Tourism (DOT) Accreditation
[ ] 3. Comprehensive General Liability Insurance for guests in the amount of not Less than Php 50,000.00. Period of insurance should be coterminous with the Business Permit (period of insurance should end exactly Dec. 31 of the current year) – for not DOT accredited only
[ ] 4. Photocopy of Official Receipt (Tourism Fee / Tourism Registration)

Note: * Assessment of payment shall be determined by the City Tourism Office upon
* All documents stated above shall be photocopied for submission to the City
Tourism Operations Office. ( include regulatory fee payment receipt )
* Bring original documents for reference and verification.


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